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General Information

Hicomp Microtech is a leading original design manufacturer of cutting-edge microfluidics products and laboratory consumables.

Our innovative solutions are designed to help researchers and engineers achieve greater accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in their projects from prototype to volume production. With a focus on quality, performance, and affordability, we're committed to delivering products that meet the highest industry standards.

From microfluidic chips to microplates and more, our products are designed to empower scientists to make groundbreaking discoveries and improve the world around us.

Choose Hicomp Microtech for your laboratory needs and experience the future of microfluidics today. 


Our Team

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Jing Chen

Dr. Jing Chen possesses over 27 years of experience in research and development in the fields of MEMS, Microfluidics, and Manufacturing Engineering. He obtained his PhD in Microelectronics from Tsinghua University in 2002 and served as a research fellow at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. For eight years, he was a full professor at Peking University and had published more than 180 international papers. In 2014, Dr. Chen founded Hicomp.

Yexian Wu

Dr. Yexian Wu has 12 years industrial experience in MEMS and microfluidics including product development and process development. She received her PhD in Microsystems and Microtechnology, EPFL, Switzerland. She brings expertise in MEMS and microfluidics from leading companies and institutes including SIMTech in Singapore, Nanoworld AG and Qinpex AG in Switzerland.

Charlie Wong
Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Charlie Wong has over 10 years of working experience of ultra precision machining including micro milling, glass molding, injection molding and advanced cutting. He received his PhD of  Manufacturing Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology, he had been a visiting scholar in the University of New South Wales in Australia and  Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).

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