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MEMS Manufacturing

MEMS Manufacturing

Precise Customization from Concept to Completion

Product Requirement Definition

Competitive Product Analysis

Technical Feasibility Study

Initial Project Plan

Product Design

Process Design


Prototype Product Function Verification


Mold Making

Engineering Sample Test

Post-Process Verification

Function Comparison Test

Process Optimization & Improvement

Design Production Process

Production Line

Small Batch Trial Production

Third Party Testing

Reach Mass Production Standards

1.Product Definition and Concept Design

2.Design Verification

3.Engineering Verification

4.Production Validation

Take Your Concepts from Idea to Production

Why Choose Us



Our in-house capabilities include CNC machining, 3D printing, MEMS, PDMS, injection molding, package, and assembly. Our team's efficiency and agility allow us to provide quick turn-around times for prototyping, mold development, and precision injection molding. Additionally, our one-stop solutions from prototype to production streamline the development process, reducing the need for our clients to work with multiple vendors and saving them valuable time and resources.



Our team of over 60 scientists and engineers, with advanced degrees and PhDs in life sciences and related engineering disciplines, is the driving force behind our innovative advantage. We possess the skills and knowledge to identify and solve complex problems, enabling us to provide our clients with customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Our collaborative approach, problem-solving skills, and innovative mindset ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, delivering cutting-edge microfluidic devices and lab consumables.



We have expertise in processing a variety of materials, including PDMS, glass, silicon, and plastic as well as extensive experience in multiple application cases, such as immunology, biochemistry, PCR, digital PCR, cell sorting, gene sequencing, liquid biopsy, organ chips, gene editing, and more. Our track record of serving over 500 clinical diagnostic and life sciences companies and research institutions has resulted in the production of over 100 commercial projects.


Scale up, Pay less!

We have a 70,000 sqf ISO7 cleanroom for injection and assembly, and a 3000 sqf ISO6 cleanroom for MEMS fabrication. We offer a cost-effective single point of entry for volume production of polymer, silicon, and glass. Our complete quality management system covers the entire process from development to assembly to automated solutions, with a capacity of 200M units per year. We deliver high-quality microfluidic devices and lab consumables at competitive prices through lean manufacturing practices and cost reduction expertise.

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