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Lab Consumable Catalog 

Lab Consumable

Cell Culture Consumables

Hicomp offers a variety of lab supplies made for cell culture experiments. We have Cell Culture Plates, Flasks, and Dishes, which are crucial for successful research. Our consumables are designed with great care to meet the strict demands of cell culture studies. They create ideal conditions for cell health, growth, and consistent experimental results.


PCR Consumables

Hicomp provides a wide range of PCR consumables specifications and catalogs. We offer a complete PCR product series, encompassing PCR 8-strip tubes, plates, sealing film, and deep well plates, catering to diverse laboratory needs. Whether for routine experiments or genetic analysis, our PCR products ensure reliable sample preparation and efficient thermal cycling, providing excellent support for your research endeavors.


Pipette Tips

Hicomp provides a variety of pipette tips designed to work with different automated liquid handling systems. Our tips can be seamlessly used with popular platforms such as Tecan, Hamilton, Agilent, Beckman, Rainin, and other leading brands. This compatibility ensures efficient and reliable liquid transfers, giving researchers and scientists the flexibility they need in their lab work.

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